Fuel Fitness Running Workshop


Presented by Amie Benton, PT and Running Coach and Rachel Mealyer, Sports Performance Therapist.



Running and Gait Analysis

We are hosting a running workshop where we will analyse clients running and coach a more natural running technique. We will confidently coach a progressive change helping towards a more efficient running style. You will be taken through the anatomy of running forefoot, mid foot, heal strike and perform a number of drills to initiate change in technique.  The importance of running to cadence (stride rate) will be delivered and practised. Filming will take place at the start of the workshop so we can analyse your running and then again at the end seeing your progression. Taking away key points to practise and enhance your performace.

Functional foam rolling, flexibility and injury prevention

In the studio we will go through functional exercises for strengthening the running anatomy. Exercise and realise techniques to enhance stability through the kinetic change whilst running. The importance of foam rolling daily, using correct technique and the positive effects of foam rolling before a run.




Location: Woodford Park Leisure Centre, Haddon Drive, Woodley, RG5 4LY.

Clothing and equipment: Wear suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor training. Bring energy snacks and plenty of fluids. Bring a foam roller if you have one and a resistance loop band.

Price: TBC



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