Maximum Performance

Rachel Mealyer BSc (hons) Sports Therapy SST

Our aim at Fuel Fitness Sports Performance Clinic is to help you return to Sport as quickly as possible pain free and to help prevent further injury. Rachel is highly trained to assess the alignment of your body and that it's functioning correctly. She will work closely along side you using a range of techniques; from Sports Massage and trigger points to heat therapy and postural exercises.


Assessment and treatment of injuries

This will cover all aspects of health, from an ongoing knee or joint pain to odd sensations through your thumb to pain running. Back pain is something we see and hear about often so we are aware of symptoms you may have, hence we aim to treat quickly. There are a few ways to treat back pain, our main aim is to help get people back to normal and pain free.


Gait and running analysis


Gait analysis is the assessment of running and walking techniques. Often the way we move creates pain in the lower limbs, joints or back. This assessment is simple yet very effective in reducing exercise inducing pain or discomfort.


Sports massage and soft tissue therapy

Soft tissue work is something everyone needs, whether you work at a desk and your shoulders are tense or your legs feel heavy and tired from training. This is the treatment to release tension, aches and pains all over the body.


Sports Performance Clinic Prices

  • Free telephone consultation

  • Initial consultation, assessment and treatment £50. Please allow 60 minutes where you will be greeted by Rachel, fill out a medical form, discuss your injury along with any past treatment. You will then be assessed and treated. Rachel will be able to advise you of the best way forward to get you back to fitness as quickly as possible pain free. She will give you exercises to do along with heat or ice therapy advice.

  • Single 45 minute treatment £45

  • Saver 6 - Book & pay for 6 sessions and receive a 10% discount

  • Saver 6 plus 2 Personal Training sessions for £300