The Boss is poorly

Today I woke up not feeling great. Lack of energy, runny nose, sore throat and puffy eyes. I am always fed up when I'm not 100% because I am not one to sit still so I try and keep fighting on through the day but my body has other ideas.

Today I trained Jenny at Woodford Park, we did a run and some body weight exercises. I saw Vicci walking my favourite bootcamp dog, Lulu! I then jumped straight back in the car and went to the studio where I trained Ross.

I took a phone call from my mum who sadly informed me that my step great gran passed away peacefully at 9:45am. 97 years old, a fantastic innings from a super funny lady, Maud.

The Sports Performance Clinic has its first client in tonight at 6pm. Good luck to Rachel on her new adventure with Fuel Fitness.

Amie BentonComment