Sunday night chilling at my Nans

And breathe.... Sitting down and chilling out at my Nans after the long drive to Spalding this morning after about 3 hours sleep! Only here for two days, a day of relaxation tomorrow, a bit of shopping, hiit session and a run. Then Tuesday is my Great Nans funeral.

It was a flying week in the Fuel world. We had 5 days of kids Karate half term camp, loads of clients smashing their PT sessions, energy levels running high in the classes, hill sprints, 1k's flat out and 5k runs. Jane was back in the Sports Performance Clinic and is seeing a huge progression after her 2 sessions with Rachel.

Valentines day was one to remember this year and was extra special. I looked after my best friends children, Katelyn 4.5yrs and Jake nearly 2yrs, while she went to her Dads funeral. I am really proud of Gemma, it is mentally and physically challenging and she has found the strength.

Finishing the week off with a Fuel Fitness curry night at The Red Rose.

Beth will be taking Boxing and Core on Tuesday as I will be travelling home. See you later in the week :)


Amie Benton