Sports Massage

Rachel our Sports Therapist at Fuel Fitness has some spaces available if anyone is looking for treatment. Below are just a few things Rachel can do...

• Assess and treat all injuries from either sporting context or daily life • Assess and treat back pain • Assess and treat trapped nerve pain • Soft tissue treatment • Elderly mobility and strength • Remedial and sports massage • Rehabilitation post injury or surgery • Postural correction • Gait analysis

Is it going to snow?

Today is apparently the BIG snow day, where us southern softies are waiting impatiently for our bucket load of snow LOL (which probably won't happen). I do love a good snow day. But in other more important news… it's MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW WOHOOOOOOO :)

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Hello there! So I haven't blogged for 2 years!!! But I am back and going to start blogging much more. Hands up if you love Mondays?! If you do tell me why and if you don’t then why not?

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Sunday night chilling at my Nans

And breathe.... Sitting down and chilling out at my Nans after the long drive to Spalding this morning after about 3 hours sleep! Only here for two days, a day of relaxation tomorrow, a bit of shopping, hiit session and a run. Then Tuesday is my Great Nans funeral.

It was a flying week in the Fuel world. We had 5 days of kids Karate half term camp, loads of clients smashing their PT sessions, energy levels running high in the classes, hill sprints, 1k's flat out and 5k runs. Jane was back in the Sports Performance Clinic and is seeing a huge progression after her 2 sessions with Rachel.

Valentines day was one to remember this year and was extra special. I looked after my best friends children, Katelyn 4.5yrs and Jake nearly 2yrs, while she went to her Dads funeral. I am really proud of Gemma, it is mentally and physically challenging and she has found the strength.

Finishing the week off with a Fuel Fitness curry night at The Red Rose.

Beth will be taking Boxing and Core on Tuesday as I will be travelling home. See you later in the week :)


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Weekend wind down

Just a quick round up of the latter part of this week...

On Thursday I started bright and early with my run club gang. Lots of sprints before the Wokingham Half Marathon which was today, (well done to everyone who took part and also the marshals). At Circuits in the evening it was partner work at each station and a few clients were doing wall walks! Friday, Suvidha was back in the studio after a couple of months away and young Teddy is smashing his strength and endurance training.

I had a cheeky Chinese take away on Friday night, but made up for it today with a lovely roast lamb dinner which I needed after working on my running technique while using the metronome. I ran to and from the gym with a new kickboxing client in between. Welcome Agron.

Also a little chat with Mr Drew :)

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The Boss is poorly

Today I woke up not feeling great. Lack of energy, runny nose, sore throat and puffy eyes. I am always fed up when I'm not 100% because I am not one to sit still so I try and keep fighting on through the day but my body has other ideas.

Today I trained Jenny at Woodford Park, we did a run and some body weight exercises. I saw Vicci walking my favourite bootcamp dog, Lulu! I then jumped straight back in the car and went to the studio where I trained Ross.

I took a phone call from my mum who sadly informed me that my step great gran passed away peacefully at 9:45am. 97 years old, a fantastic innings from a super funny lady, Maud.

The Sports Performance Clinic has its first client in tonight at 6pm. Good luck to Rachel on her new adventure with Fuel Fitness.

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